Mid Greenstone Hut

Managed and maintained by the local NZ Deerstalkers Association


We are a “non for profit” organisation, we collect a small fee that goes towards
the maintenance and upkeep of the hut which is carried out by volunteers from the club.


Mid Greenstone Hut


The Southern Lakes New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) are a “non for profit” organisation that manages both the Mid Greenstone hut and the Upper Caples Hut. Although run and maintained by the local NZDA, you do not need to be a member of the club to stay there.
We collect a small fee which goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the huts which is carried out by volunteers from the club.

Hut background

Previously a DOC hut until 2004, it was built circ.1980 and used to be one of the DOC huts available for the summer hiking season in the Greenstone Valley. However a newer and bigger hut was built on the old Sly Burn Hut Location (still marked on old maps) and the new DOC one is confusingly called the Greenstone Hut.

As a result, the Southern Lakes Branch of the NZDA were given the opportunity to put in a proposal to look after the hut for private use for the club, hunters and hikers. Your fees (donations) are much appreciated as the money goes into hut maintenance and general supplies for the hut


It’s an old DOC hut so there are:-

  • Bunks for 12 people
  • Mattresses and some pillows.
  • Kitchen bench, sink, table with stool type benches.
  • Wood/coal burner
  • Drop toilet (away from the building behind the wood store).
  • Drinking water (from stream) and tap inside hut.
    (During winter this tap is turned off as the pipe freezes and could burst, however there is ample water in the water tank with an outside tap but until the sun comes up it can freeze on very cold nights so fill up with water before you head to bed.)
  • LED solar powered lighting to reduce the fire risk, so no need for candles
  • USB charging point - bring your own cable
  • Axe and saw.
  • Plates, cups, glasses, knives and forks and cooking utensils – the spoons keep going missing so maybe take one or two.
  • Frying pans, plenty of cooking pots, large sized stock pot, medium and small saucepans, a skillet for meat, a cast iron ‘dutch oven’ and a “yoyo” yogurt maker
  • Gas cooker (2 burners) with a grill underneath, please remember to turn the gas off when you leave.
  • Meat safe (for hunters)
  • Pantry (with emergency food often left behind)


• FREE if you are a local and active member of the Southern Lakes Branch
• $10 for National NZDA members
• $25 for non members
• $50 key deposit.

Booking the Hut

1. Check availability on the online availability diary,  however some members do book last minute so may not be on there when you look. Unless pre-arranged, do not presume exclusive use of the hut.

2. When you have read about the hut and want to book, please complete the online booking form.

3. Completing the booking form will automatically send you a confirmation and send an email to the club secretary who will update the diary. You also receive instructions to confirm where to collect and pay for the keys.

4. Once booked, it is a good idea to download any maps and directions (click here) to the hut if you are unfamiliar with the area.

If you are hunting or fishing, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct permits. We recommend you check weather and track conditions. The Department of Conservation website or local office in Queenstown or Te Anau are the best for track updates as they maintain and monitor these.

You only pay when you collect the keys, so there are no cancellation fees if you decide not to collect them and not head in due to unsafe or poor weather conditions.


Key Collection

Keys are kept at a sports shop in central Queenstown  “Small Planet in Shotover Street“.

They are open every day: 7 days a week 9am – 8pm. Phone +64 (03) 442 6393 only exception is 25th Dec and 25th April (Anzac day)

Small Planet kindly hold the keys and take payment on behalf of the club. You only need pay when you collect the keys. PLEASE pay in exact cash as there are no EFTPOS or credit card facilities. Ideally bring the $50 key deposit in exact cash too as it is just held till you return the key.

You only need to pay for the nights you stay at the hut and we realize you may need to collect keys in advance while staying in another hut along the way, let us know when booking so we can keep track of the keys or you can email info@southernlakesnzda.org.nz if you need them from Te Anau or from Queenstown airport in advance (if you are helicoptering in)

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