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Membership Types and Rates

Membership type

 Price (a year)

Senior (18 - 65 years of age)  $ 125
Junior (Under 18 years of age)  $ 35
Superannuant (65 years of age and over)  $ 65
Student (18 - 65 years of age)  $ 49

Family (partner or child under 18)

 $ 5
Affiliate (Already a member of another branch)  $ 30

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Member benefits

By joining the Deerstalkers there are a number of discounts available 

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SENIOR – Full benefits at national and branch level. $125

JUNIOR – Must be less than 18 years of age as of March 1st. Full benefits apart from voting rights. $35.00 

STUDENT – Must be attending a tertiary institute or undergoing an apprenticeship. Proof must be provided. $49.00 

AFFILATE  – Already a member of another branch but wants the benefits of SLNZDA. Unable to vote or enter national competitions or stay in hut for free. $30.00

SUPERANNUANT– Must be over the age of 65 as at 1st March. Full benefits $65.00 

FAMILY – Can be partner/spouse or children/ grandchildren under the age of 18 as at March 1st.
Must be Junior to enter AGM Ballot draw. Please advise names and date of birth when joining . $5.00 

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