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Established 1937



Membership Types and Rates

Membership type

 Price (a year)

Senior (18 - 65 years of age)  $ 150
Junior (Under 18 years of age)  $ 50
Superannuant (65 years of age and over)  $ 95
Student (18 - 65 years of age)  $ 65

Family (partner or child under 18)

 $ 15
Affiliate (Already a member of another branch)  $ 30

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Member benefits

By joining the Deerstalkers there are a number of discounts available 

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SENIOR – Full benefits at national and branch level. 

JUNIOR – Must be less than 18 years of age as of March 1st. Full benefits apart from voting rights. 

STUDENT – Must be attending a tertiary institute or undergoing an apprenticeship. Proof must be provided. 

AFFILATE  – Already a member of another branch but wants the benefits of SLNZDA. Unable to vote or enter national competitions or stay in hut for free. 

SUPERANNUANT– Must be over the age of 65 as at 1st March. Full benefits 

FAMILY – Can be partner/spouse or children/ grandchildren under the age of 18 as at March 1st.
Must be Junior to enter AGM Ballot draw. Please advise names and date of birth when joining . 


Address: PO Box 1648, Queenstown, 9348

+64  021 942 328,

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