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Established 1937


This is a copy of the annual presentation we present at the club night in Spring.  We only cover Crown Land managed by DOC - All info was taken from the DOC website Sept 2021, please check the Doc website for the most current information

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Where can I go hunting?

1. Crown Land managed by the Department of Conservation

You need to take a valid hunting permit with you at all times to legally hunt on land managed by DOC. Various conditions apply

2. Private Land

You will need permission, otherwise it is considered poaching. This includes just walking across the land with your rifle even if you don’t intend to hunt on there

Types of permits available

There are 2 types of Permits available

1. Open Hunting Area Permit

2. Restricted Hunting Permit

Examples of restricted permits: Ballots (Wanaka, Wapiti, Haast etc), Local Doc issued permits (Mt Creighton)

How to apply for a hunting Permit

Even with a ballot or restricted permit, you need to have a “DOC hunting permit” Think of it as a permit to carry firearms on DOC land and then if the area is restricted you need permission to go at the restricted time: These would be better if called Ballot or special area permission

Apply for this online

“By using this permit you are agreeing to comply with all the conditions under which it is issued. You understand that you must carry a valid copy of your hunting permit on you at all times when hunting on land managed by DOC. If you are carrying a firearm you understand that you must be the holder of a valid firearms license”

How long does an OPEN hunting permit last?

4 months

Complete the online application form to receive a recreational hunting permit valid for 4 months to be able to hunt:-

  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Deer
  • Wallabies
  • Chamois
  • Tahr

What are the permit conditions?

  • Each person within a hunting party and intending to hunt must have a separate permit
  • Permits cannot be transferred to, or be used by, anyone else
  • To get a hunting permit (except for possums) a valid firearms licence is required.

The following activities are strictly prohibited :

  • Hunting during the hours of darkness (1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise).
  • Hunting with spotlights, torches, vehicle headlights, or any other artificial light source.
  • Hunting with any night vision equipment, thermal imaging, infrared or heat detecting devices.
  • Attaching a torch or other light source to a firearm.• Hunting with any shotgun, rimfire rifle, 17 or 22 hornet calibre, air rifle, or tracer and incendiary type ammunition

No firearm shall be discharged:

What are the Special Conditions?

When you apply for your permit there are sometimes special conditions, the details for that area are shown for example see below

What do Special Conditions Exclude?

They usually exclude hunting in roar periods and in ballot blocks for example Mt Aspiring National Park

Open Hunting Areas 

Where do I view hunting maps?

How do you find out about hunting areas on the DOC maps?