Sun 25th Nov 2018


10am Gates open

Upper Clutha Range, Lake Hawea Road

All members welcome

$5 range fee (Please bring cash)

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Annual interclub shoot with the Upper Clutha (Wanaka) NZDA branch

They won last year (closely) so we are challenging to get the trophy back


1. 100 metre range – Centrefire (no sighters)
5 shots prone/sitting
5 shots at 75m sitting/kneeling
5 shots at 50m standing

2. 50 metre range - .22 Rimfire
2 sighters , 5 counting shots prone/sitting
5 shots standing

3. 200 metre range – centrefire
Three selected shooters from each Branch
5 shots prone/sitting (no sighters)

All points accumulated, highest team score wins
All prone/sitting to be shot under field conditions (pack or bipod but no formal shooting rest/butt support)
75 metre sitting/50metre standing to be unsupported (no bipod etc)
Range opens at 10am for sighting – competition starts at 10.30am or at discretion of Range Officer and no further sighting available.
No muzzle brakes
Judges decision final – each Branch to provide an official scorer/s