Saturday 29th November 2014

(1 x Pre-course session, and or 1 field day (to include theory prior to practice)
Lecture: Frankton Firestation 9am 29th Nov

Field day: Venue 29th Nov Weather permitting

Description: This course is aimed at all who may travel in or across river or
stream beds while travelling in the NZ outdoors. It will suit those who are looking
for entry-level instruction


  • Be 18 years of age (or younger if their attendance is agreed to by a
  • Be physically capable of walking on rough riverbed surfaces with a
    full pack for approximately 1- 2 hrs.
  • Learning outcomes: On completion, the participant will:
  • Be able to understand basic river dynamics and hazards.
  • Know the basic safety rules for assessing whether it is safe to cross
    a river or stream.
  • Know that it is often right to choose not to cross.
  • Be able to pick where it is safest to cross.
  • Be able to organise clothing and equipment for travel/river crossing.
  • Be able to use an approved method for solo crossing (if alone)
  • Be able to use an approved mutual support method.
  • Know how to float and recover if swept away
  • Know how to self-release from a trapped pack.
  • Know how to safely retreat during a crossing if necessary.
  • Understand how to manage a group around waterways.

The course does not have a formal assessment, but the
participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

The course will start at 9.00am and will finish at approximately 4:00pm. The
course will commence with a classroom session. During the afternoon we will
head out into the field for the practical session.
You will need to bring food for morning tea and lunch (a thermos with hot drink
is good to have). Please bear in mind that there are no shops nearby to purchase
food. You will need to be prepared and have everything you need with you.
You will be getting wet… very wet, bring a change of warm clothing, towel and
footwear. Please ensure you have either a dry bag, MSC survival bag or rubbish
bag liner for inside your pack. Don’t take anything in your pack you don’t want to
get wet or damaged (i.e. camera etc.) as you will be going into the river with your
pack, pack escapes, pack swims etc. your packs will be getting very wet also.
This course is determined by the weather, if the river is not safe to do the course
it will be postponed.

TO JOIN, CONTACT Pete Henderson