Hiking to the Mid Greenstone Hut


The Mid Greenstone NZDA Hut is about 1 - 1.5 hour walk upstream from the DOC Greenstone Hut or 3.5 hrs - 5 hrs from the McKellar hut and it is tucked beside bush line not far from the Guided Walks Lodge.

Track information

Download DOC track booklet for complete track info

Mid Greenstone NZDA Hut to Greenstone Road car park end: Time to walk between 3hrs 30 mins – 5 hours, 18 km
As the hut is a little further to the road than the DOC huts, it’s worth mentioning, it will be an early start to get to the road end if you are catching the bus back to Queenstown as the last one departs the car park at noon.

McKellar DOC Hut to Mid Greenstone NZDA Hut: Time to walk between 3hrs 30 mins – 5 hours, 18 km
A shorter day for most, great if you want time to explore the river or dry out if the weather has been wet/cold

Upper Caples NZDA Hut to Mid Greenstone NZDA Hut: Time to walk approx 10 - 12 hours
There are 2 routes, round via McKellar or up and over Steele Creek Saddle, regardless it is a long day to walk from both our huts (but possible) so we recommend staying at the McKellar DOC Hut if you are not an experienced hiker

There are NO SIGNPOSTS to the hut so if is a good idea to print off the directions and or maps, especially if you are arriving after dark

Directions from 
Steele Creek or McKellar Hut

Once you cross the swing bridge at Steele Creek, there is a DOC sign - the path to the NZDA hut is NOT MARKED at this point but starts directly behind the sign and slightly up the hill, whereas the normal path turns right to take you past the guided walks lodge.

Once on this path to our hut (the one behind the sign) and you are in the bush, there are orange track markers on the trees to take you on a track across a small stream to eventually pop right out at the hut.
Beware there are swampy areas if you decide to not follow the markers and head to the open grass and walk cross county to the hut.

Directions from the Glenorchy side

From the Caples/Greenstone Carpark end, basically walk the Greenstone track as per the DOC information and after about 3.5 hours you’ll reach the DOC Greenstone hut turnoff. It is also marked as the start of the fishing beat at this point.

Then after about an hour, you get to the open flats and there is a DOC sign on the right of the path saying something about “cattle and not to disturb them.” Continue along these flats – the wind blows quite hard here in the afternoons, the river is on your left.

After crossing the rock slip (it’s quite a recent one with few plants growing on it and it’s right next to the river) continue for about another 10-15 mins and you get to a small boggy area with stepping stones through it, count 2 orange poles and the path very slightly climbs up to a hump (about the height of a room) and heads nearer the bushline and there is another  orange marker pole – this one has different coloured electrical tape round the orange part of it. TURN RIGHT HERE

Head up the gully to the right from this pole cross the dried up stream. There is no obvious path at this point. Just head towards the trees and then you should see the uphill path and/or markers on the trees.

The path is marked with the odd tin can lid on a tree and orange markers on the trees, climbing up quite steep at first with a tiny switch back. Keep on the edge of the tree line and in about 15 mins you will see the track to get to the hut. The last bit is all uphill but it should only take 20 mins from where you turned off the main track at the orange pole.

If you do miss the orange marker and the gully to walk up, the main track heads nearer the river, so look back and to the right and you can see the hut up the hill on the edge of the trees, failing that, if you get to the Ultimate Hikes Guided Walks lodge, you are in Steele Creek and gone too far. See directions above to take from Steele Creek to the hut