H.U.N.T.S Course - Run twice a year

Next course starts 8th June 2019
The Hunter National Training Scheme (HUNTS) course is delivered by The Southern Lakes New Zealand Deerstalkers Association instructors and is designed to introduce new hunters to the skills needed to hunt below the snowline.  

Experienced hunters may find value in some sections of the course. A Firearms licence is not necessary. This is ideal for anyone wishing to learn about hunting.

Course Contents:

  • Essential bush skills
  • River safety
  • Firearm safety in a hunting context
  • Practical shooting and hunting ballistics
  • Hunting techniques
  • Species knowledge
  • Game utilization (skinning, butchering, etc)

Participants must have a reasonable level of physical fitness and access to personal tramping equipment.

Cost per person $250.00 (Incl GST),


  • HUNTS Manual
  • Ammunition
  • Hunting trip travel & accommodation (food not included)
  • NZDA membership

Weekend 1:

7th Sept 2019 Saturday

At Frankton Fire station* (please park on road not in fire station)

12.30pm At Frankton Fire station
*Please note the later starting time than advertised due to venue double booked

  • Course outlined and objectives
  • Fill in applications etc
  • Module 1 ; Ethical and environmental responsibilities.
  • Module 2 ; Game animal species, specific to our area, where to hunt and find.(DOC map and permit)
  • Module 3 ; Map use, GPS, Compass.
  • Module 4 ; Firearms selection/ Types/calibres/safety
  • Module 5; Hunting and shooting techniques.
  • Module 6 ; Meat/ Skins/ Trophies ( DS )
  • End of day

8th Sept 2019 Sunday

8am At Frankton Fire station

  • Module 7 ; Equipment and food
  • Module 8 ; Bushcraft ( DVD)
  • Module 9 ; Survival/ Trip planning/ risk management. Possible river safety course.
  • End of day

Weekend 2:

14th Sept 2019 Saturday

Meet at Grey St Car park opposite Ale House/Video Ezy.

  • Full day using a range of different firearms
  • Firearms safety
  • Correcting sights/sighting in
  • Use of scopes/open sights
  • Firearms maintenance/cleaning
  • BBQ lunch – Will supply BBQ/food. Bring Snacks/ drinks etc and a Chair

15th Sept 2019 Sunday

  • Butchery Session ( all going well) hopefully we will get  a deer to do this with.
  • Bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks
  • Perhaps only 1/2 day if all goes well.

Weekend 3:

27th Sept 2019 Friday night

Meet at the Grey St Car park 7pm
With all your gear—we will let you know what you will need to bring.

  • Travel to destination set up Camp so you may need a tent?  ( but might not?)

28th Sept 2019 Saturday

  • Hunt all day ,some bushcraft/ navigation.

29th Sept 2019 Sunday

  • River safety/ River crossing exercise, You WILL get wet!
  • Travel Home.



Registration is essential as limited spaces.

If you are not already a member you will also need to complete a membership application form in advance.
(Membership is included in the cost of the course)

How to pay:

1. Prefered method - transfer $250 to the club bank account
ASB 12-3405-0071329-00
Please use HUNTS and your surname as a reference

2. Pay on the day with cash

3. Pay by credit card on the link below
(Note credit cards include a $10 transaction fee)

Ask more details

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